RepliWeb Deployment (R-1) is critical IT infrastructure software that automates the deployment of web content, code, IIS and server components. A deployment workhorse for enterprise server, web operations, shared hosting and data center operations teams, R-1 delivers quantifiable improvements to IT operations associated with deployments. R-1 offloads time-consuming manual tasks by automating processes, speeding release cycles and ensuring content and code continuity. Key Features * Comprehensive content, code and IIS deployments * Safely delegate deployment jobs to Users or Groups * Real-time monitoring and visibility for end users and IT * Automated or immediate rollback and recovery * Transactional deployments for unified, point-in-time updates * Deploy on a scheduled, real-time or ad-hoc basis * Optimized transfer engines for LAN, WAN or Large Files * Cross-platform support for Windows, UNIX and LINUX

Download Size
License Type
15 days, extensible on approval
OS Support
Windows, UNIX, LINUX