Freeware. Generates win32 executable installer. Uninstall support (installer can automagically generate an uninstaller). Optional installer self-verification (using adler32) Robust, efficient zlib compression (with automatic disabling for efficiency). Approximately 32-42k overhead over compressed data size (depending on features enabled). Ability to display a license agreement. Customizable icon and checkmark bitmaps. Up to 4 install configurations (usually Minimal, Typical, Full), and custom configuration. No practical limits on number of files, size of files, or number of install sections. Low memory/resource requirements. Very fast and efficient. Easily generated from a script using included compiler Script is easily editable, easily auto-generated. Optional Silent mode for automated installations. Optional installation logging for debug purposes. Optional Winamp directory detection, and Winamp plug-in directory detection. Also features many scriptable install functions.

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