DeDupe is a shareware utility designed to assist users in analyzing duplicate files and increasing the hard disk space by deleting or compressing the duplicate files into a zip file, moving them to the recycle-bin or moving the duplicate files to a folder. DeDupe locates and removes the duplicate files before they cause havoc to your system. Increase the hard disk space by deleting the duplicates;Protects the System files and folder by default;Checking for duplicates in Multiple drives (Floppy,USB, Jaz Drive & Network drives);Automatic categorization of files/folders occupying the most space;Provides an option to zip the duplicate files rather than deleting ;Can run on demand or scheduled to run at specific time. Using our un-registered version user can perform the following actions for files of size ranging from 250KB to 500 KB. Delete Duplicate : Deletes the duplicate files permanently from the physical location of the system.; Mark as Not Duplicate : If this is set user can mark any duplicate file(s),as not duplicate.; Mark as Primary : By selecting this option you can mark any duplicate file as a primary file. Compress into Zip File : User can select any duplicate file(s) for compress into Zip operation. User can save the disk space by zipping the files. Move to Recycle Bin : This option moves the selected duplicate file(s) to Recycle Bin. User can restore the same if required. Move to Folder : User can select any duplicate file(s) and move to any folder in system. System prevents duplicate files movement in same folder by renaming the duplicate files. Compare content to Primary : Compares the content of each duplicate file (child), one by one, with the primary file.

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Windows 95/98/XP/NT/2000/ME