Workflow management of application packaging teams: Yes or no?

Which tools do application packagers use to to effectively perform their everyday tasks?

Some companies have their own development, others use multiple third-party tools. However, such generic solutions do not add to their productivity. On the contrary, classic out-of-the-box software often lacks customization and usually hinders the entire app packaging workflow, as users need either to switch between several apps or spend too much time and $ to tailor generic software to the specific needs of application packaging.  

To help app packaging engineers with everyday struggles, we created PACE Packager Hub:

  • This workflow tool enables app packaging service providers and their teams to streamline their everyday activities efficiently.
  • The solution is highly customizable — each team and engineer can configure it for their individual needs or objectives.
  • PACE Packager Hub allows its users to service their clients, handle package orders, deliver those packages, manage documents and repositories, and freely communicate with customers, team members, and supervisors in one place.

You can test it for 21 days and start experiencing the benefits of the tool right away.

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