I had a degree in Information technology at the Padua University (Italy). Currently I belong to the client team of a multinational company and we provide also third level Help Desk support to Windows XP/Office 2003 users.

I'm an engineer mainly working as application packager and scripter since March 2003. In the meantime I had some MS course/training/workshop about Windows 2000/2003 server administration, group policies, and SMS 2003. Currently we are using Wise Package Studio as packaging tool and Vbs/Wmi scripts to perform system administration actions.

The recap of my experience is:

Imaging Technology (Ghost, Powerquest Partitionmagic)

Enterprise Management Tools (AD GPO, SMS 2003)

Secure Locked Down Environment Experience (All our users receiving deployable installations have not administration rights to box; I know how to configure Lock Permissions and Xcacls/Cacls Tools and Scripts)

Wise Products (Wise for Windows Installer, Package Studio)

Interpreted Scripting Language(s):



Debugging and QA Testing Tools:

Sysinternals RegMon

Sysinternals FileMon

I'm mainly looking for a new job opportunity in Italy.

I can send a CV if you need more details on my experience.

Kind Regards.