Wise Package Studio 7.0 SP2 was released on Thursday, January 4th. This release addresses several critical bugs, including the following issues:

Significant amount of time required to create new packaging projects in Workbench

Output from Wise WebCapture tool not being properly converted to .MSI format.

When adding new registry key to SetupCapture exclusion list, all existing keys within that registry hive get deleted from exclusion list

Formatted text strings in registry key values not being properly resolved when importing packages into Software Manager database

Option to automatically detect conflicts when importing new package into Software Manager database not just detecting conflicts involving newly imported package, but detecting conflicts between all packages in the database

Software Manager Import server-side processing not functioning when initiated from client due to time-out setting

Wise web applications (Preflight Deployment, web reports, etc.) not functioning properly after upgrade to WPS 7.x

Wise Virtual Directories used for the Preflight Deployment feature, web reports, etc. not being properly restored when Windows Installer Repair or Modify is run

Wise Package Studio client installation installed some files that are part of server portion of the product, resulting in the removal of those files when one client was uninstalled

For more information about the contents of the release, please see the product release notes.

The SP2 release is available via the Altiris Licence Management Portal at http://www.altiris.com/lmp