While performing patching with 5.3 agents with new Lumension libraries, few warning messages are observed in the scan.log file. These messages are observed during patch action as “Detect and Deploy”, “Deploy” and “Detect and Rollback”.  The scan.log file is located in C:\Program Files\Dell\KACE\  directory.  This file is created from MCESCAN.EXE. When the player/analyzer /kbox agent is run, it launches MCESCAN just like LEMSS (Lumension Endpoint Management and Security Suite) and creates nativescan registry keys. The only difference is that it doesn’t communicate with LEMSS which results in a warning message in scan.log file.

The scan.log messages from MCESCAN are intended for use in both LEMSS and OEM implementations.  The messages in scan.log file are normal for current K1000 implementation because patching in K1000 doesn’t use an XML file to update components from LEMSS server. In other words, MCESCAN binary couldn’t find the redistribution file information that lumension uses in LEMSS to update the WindowsUpdate components.

Examples of scan.log messages:

Start of Logging [Thu May 03 03:06:08 2012]
[Thu May 03 03:06:08 2012] [GetWUAInfoFromXMLFile] ComponentRedist XML file had error: Failed to open file at row 0 col 0
[Thu May 03 03:06:08 2012] [InstallWUAIfNeeded] Unable to get WUA information from the componentRedist.xml file
End of Logging [Thu May 03 03:40:41 2012]