[align=left]Package Manager by Vista Packaging is a web based tool to assist in standardising the packaging process. To accomplish this, there are two facets to Package Manager, the web based tool, and the Package Manager dynamic link library and the suite of scripts to assist your organisation in creating a packaging workflow.[/align][align=left] [/align][align=left]From the very beginning Package Manager was designed to standardise the approach of application packaging, and to reduce the overall timeframe of application packaging development, and more importantly to integrate into whatever MSI packaging tool your company uses. Our clients are both government departments and private sector companies that use Package Manager to reduce their overall cost in application packaging. Many companies standardise their deployment of an operating system, standardise their security models, yet many only consider application packaging as an afterthought. With Vista Packaging's Package Manager, you can now standardise your application packaging and deployment within your organisation.[/align][align=left] [/align][align=left]More information can be read at www.vistapackaging.com.au/forum/index.php, including a 30 day evaluation version. Documentation can be found at http://www.vistapackaging.com.au/forum/showthread.php?t=14.[/align][align=left] [/align][align=left]Any questions or queries, please email PackageManager@vistapackaging.com.au[/align]