The following email was sent to WinINSTALL customers late last week. The message is provided below, in its entirety:

Dear WinINSTALL Customer,

Effective today, June 28, 2002, VERITAS Software Corporation ("VERITAS") has sold its desktop management suite of products, which includes the WinINSTALL software product, to OnDemand Software, Inc. ("OnDemand").

As part of the transaction, VERITAS will transition the WinINSTALL product, development team, and related support services to OnDemand. To ensure a smooth transition of support services, VERITAS will continue to provide support to WinINSTALL customers for up to 30 days while it transitions such support to OnDemand. Commencing on or before August 1, 2002, OnDemand will assume all support responsibilities.

As you may know, OnDemand was the company that originally developed the WinINSTALL product offering. Seagate Technology purchased OnDemand in 1996, and then subsequently, Seagate Software (which included the WinINSTALL product and team from OnDemand) was purchased by VERITAS in 1999. Many members of the original OnDemand executive team have started a new company, again called OnDemand Software, and they have retained the entire current development team at VERITAS responsible for WinINSTALL. OnDemand is committed to continuing WinINSTALL's leadership role in the software distribution and change management market.

OnDemand plans to bring a renewed focus to the WinINSTALL technology and channel marketplace enabling you, the customer, to enjoy the power of the industry's leading application availability solution in the Microsoft Windows market.

You will be receiving additional information from OnDemand shortly. In the meantime, we want to thank you for the opportunity to serve you, and give you our assurance that OnDemand will work very closely with VERITAS to ensure a smooth transition.

Should you have any questions or require further assistance, please contact your VERITAS Account Representative or authorized WinINSTALL Reseller. If you do not know whom your VERITAS Account Representative is, please contact one of our VERITAS Call Centers listed below. You may also contact OnDemand directly at +1-239-495-0541.

Thank you.

VERITAS Software OnDemand Software

VERITAS Software Sales & General Inquiries Worldwide

North America +1-800-327-2232 or +1-407-357-7501

Central & South America


United Kingdom +44 (0)870 243 1000

France +33 (0) 1 41 45 02 02

Germany +49 (0)89 / 94302-500

Australia 1800 222 587 (Australia Only) +61 2 8220 7000

(Outside Australia)

India +91 22 830 3025

Singapore +65 6333 6366

Hong Kong +852 2820 1301

Malaysia +603 7725 9297

OnDemand Software, Inc.

9148 Bonita Beach Road, Suite 210

Bonita Springs, FL 34135

Phone number:


Toll Free (North America):


FAX: +1-239-498-7349

--------------------------------------WININSTALL Q & A


How will the acquisition enhance my business?

OnDemand Software is dedicated to the WinINSTALL product and to providing the very best technical support to WinINSTALL customers.

Because OnDemand Software has retained the entire current WinINSTALL development team and the majority of the original WinINSTALL executive team, you can depend on the company's knowledge of network management, software distribution, inventory and change management, and you can expect to see product improvements that will allow you to leverage your investment in WinINSTALL and enhance your effectiveness in managing your network.

Why did VERITAS Software sell WinINSTALL?

VERITAS Software is focused on the storage software market. The WinINSTALL product is focused on the client change and configuration management market. The sale of WinINSTALL to OnDemand will allow OnDemand to provide WinINSTALL customers with the focused product development, marketing, and support they require, while allowing VERITAS Software to focus on its core business. This sale was also aimed at ensuring continued customer satisfaction. The OnDemand team plans to continue to deliver a product that addresses customers' most challenging change management problems.

What's going to happen to WinINSTALL?

Effective June 28, 2002, the WinINSTALL product will be owned, managed and supported by OnDemand. OnDemand will continue to focus WinINSTALL on its core capabilities while aggressively moving forward to develop the next generation of the product.

Where can I go to find out more information about the acquisition?

We welcome you to join us for a web cast that will discuss the acquisition. For dates and times please go to You can also contact OnDemand Software at 239-495-0541 or email us at

What is VERITAS Software's relationship with OnDemand Software?

VERITAS Software is an equity investor in OnDemand Software.

Will OnDemand Software endorse the formation of an independent WinINSTALL User Group?

Yes. OnDemand Software believes in the value of independent user groups and endorses its formation.



Who will be providing WinINSTALL support?

To ensure a smooth transition of support services, VERITAS Software will continue to provide support to WinINSTALL customers for up to 30 days during a support transition period. Commencing on or before August 1, 2002, OnDemand Software will assume all support responsibilities.

How do I get WinINSTALL support during the support transition period?

Please call VERITAS Software support at 1-800-634-4747 or access the WinINSTALL support website at

Will the cost of my support contract change?

No change in support pricing is planned.

Will the support offerings change?

No changes are planned. In the future, new programs may be offered by OnDemand to better serve customers' needs.



How will OnDemand Software sell and distribute WinINSTALL?

OnDemand Software will sell WinINSTALL through a worldwide channel program and continue to distribute through the network of existing WinINSTALL resellers. For more information on the OnDemand Software Partner Program, visit the OnDemand website at For more information or to purchase WinINSTALL call 239-495-0541 or send an e-mail to

Will OnDemand Software honor the VERITAS Software VIP pricing as it applies to the WinINSTALL product?

OnDemand Software will honor all tier level discounts for current VIP customers and will continue to sell a license-only version of the product.

I am considering purchasing WinINSTALL. How can I order WinINSTALL?

Please contact your preferred reseller and direct them to OnDemand Software's new business development team immediately at 239-495-0541 or send an email to

Will VERITAS Software continue to sell WinINSTALL?

No. All WinINSTALL sales will be made through OnDemand Software and its partner channel. Please contact the new business development team at OnDemand Software at 239-495-0541 or via email at



Will the WinINSTALL users have the opportunity to suggest future product enhancements?

Yes. OnDemand Software believes it is vitally important to enhance the product based on our customer, partner, and reseller feedback and we welcome any feedback you may have. Please send us an e-mail to convey your requests to



Will OnDemand Software offer the same WinINSTALL training courses as VERITAS Software?

Yes. OnDemand Software will continue to offer training classes for all of the functionality of WinINSTALL and MSI packaging.

Will OnDemand Software offer WinINSTALL training at multiple locations?

Initially OnDemand Software will offer onsite training at the customer site. Based on demand, OnDemand will offer additional training locations in the future.

Where do I go to obtain WinINSTALL courses and enrollment information?

Please check availability of course offerings for WinINSTALL training by visiting the OnDemand support web pages at

Will OnDemand Software offer WinINSTALL Certified Engineer Training?

OnDemand will be offering a number of customized consulting and training offerings. Customers can call OnDemand Software for more information at 239-495-0541.





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