Enterprise Management provider INSYSTEK ( announced today the latest round of testing results for their new Virtualize IT(tm) for VMWare management and reporting tools. They have successfully managed over 275 ESX servers and 6000 virtual machines in a lab environment. Using INSYSTEKÂ’s Virtualize IT(tm) technology, customers will be able to discover and map virtual environments, create virtual machines, track and manage physical and virtual relationships, and automate the lifecycle of a large number of virtual servers and desktops.

“We are extremely please with the latest results” said Alex Turner, president and CEO at INSYSTEK. “We believe the ability to manage larger numbers of virtual machines and their windows guests will provide a definite boost to the adoption of VDI (Virtual Desktop Infrastructures) and the benefits to administrators will be limitless. There is clear need for centralized virtualization management and reporting tools that allow access to both the physical and virtual environments on a large scale.” INSYSTEK anticipates the ability to support a virtually unlimited number of ESX Servers, virtual machines, and guests in the production release of Virtualize IT(tm) for VMWare.

About Virtualize IT(tm) for VMWare

INSYSTEK® Virtualize IT(tm) technology provides the ability to effortlessly manage complex virtual infrastructures from the same console used to manage the physical one. In addition to the Agentless desktop and server management features in our existing solution the Virtualize IT(tm) Features include:

• Common user interface – Manage VMWare ESX Servers, VirtualCenter, Windows Desktops and Servers from a single console. Virtualize IT(tm) is the connection between physical and virtual environments, providing access to control and configure multiple VMWare Servers and Windows hosts at the same time in one view.

• Discovery, Link and Manage - Auto Discover virtual infrastructure systems and resources and dynamically link physical to virtual machine relationships. Deploy software applications, patches, and critical updates. Inventory and audit both physical systems and virtual resources for full hardware and software configurations and changes.

• Virtualize IT(tm) wizards – Wizards automate many administrative functions including the ability to completely replicate inventoried physical systems as image ready virtual machines in a single easy to use wizard for hot site, backups, disaster recovery planning or desktop and server migration.

• Audit and Track - Virtualize IT(tm) technology extends the already comprehensive inventory model for the complete inventory of virtual machines, resource pools and physical servers. The extended model Includes all INSYSTEK’s baseline configuration audit and historical tracking features.

• System monitoring - Continuously monitor physical servers and virtual machine for availability and utilization from a single interface. Set five separate alarms levels for hundreds of performance stats for physical and virtual systems and resources to manage and prevent problems. Quickly identify servers for consolidation.

• Reports - Virtualize IT(tm) technology extends INSYSTEK’s Crystal Reports features to include all VirtualCenter resources in additional to combined reports that provide a holistic view of the Physical to Virtual environment. Please visit for more information.


INSYSTEK, Inc. has clients in business, government, education and healthcare in the United States, Israel, Canada, United Kingdom and South Africa. More information can be found at or by sending an e-mail to or calling toll free 1-877-467-9783.