Custom fields in the helpdesk are great ways to add pertinent information to a ticket using a field that is not, by default, provided in the helpdesk.  Normally the selectable information is added to these fields manually.  If you have information that resides elsewhere in the K1000 that you would like to have in a custom field we can populate that information with a MySQL query.


To create a custom field:


1. Click Service Desk > Configuration > Queues.

The Service Desk Queues page appears.

2. Click the desired helpdesk Queue.

3. Click Customize Fields and Layout.

The Service Desk Customization page appears.

4. In the Custom Fields area, click the page edit icon to edit or create a field.

The editable fields appear:

5. Select the field type from the Field Type list.

What kind of field type (text entry, or single or multiple select) to use in each field?

6. Fill in the Select Values field with the query of your choice. 


For example:


If you have the location for your users filled from Active Directory imports. The following query will list the locations in alphabetical order.

query: select distinct(LOCATION) from USER order by LOCATION asc