Binary Research International (BRI) and Big Bang LLC announced today the availability of Big Bang’s Universal Imaging Utility (UIU) version 4.0, the leading product in the hardware-independent imaging space. BRI has been the authority on cloning and migration since 1997 when it was part of the company that created the industry-leading cloning solution now known as Symantec Ghost, while Big Bang is the pioneer of single-image cloning, having released its UIU solution in 2004.

The UIU is the only product that works alongside existing cloning software to provide an out-of-the-box, hardware-independent solution to create a master Image of a Windows operating system. This single Image can then be deployed across disparate hardware platforms, easing system deployment, maintenance, upgrades, rollouts and migrations, as well as disaster recovery efforts. The vanguard software application enables error-free deployment to every desktop, laptop and tablet PC in the business environment.

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-Michelle Garrett

for BRI