With Microsoft ending support for XP many of us have been given the task of uninstalling XP mode from our Windows 7 clients.  With 1 -10 of these machines, sitting down and manually uninstalling:

Control Panel -> Uninstall,

may be the way for some to go. Unfortunately for those of us with hundreds of machines, this just isn't time or cost effective.  The K1000 has a wonderful uninstall tool maker and the script it made did uninstall the XP mode, but needed user interaction. 

Original K1000 Script created by editor

msiexec.exe /qn /X{1374CC63-B520-4f3f-98E8-E9020BF01CFF}

The changes necessary, however, were not that huge.  “/quiet” needed to be added to the parameters:

msiexec.exe /quiet /qn /X{1374CC63-B520-4f3f-98E8-E9020BF01CFF}

This script would uninstall XP mode with no user interaction.*

*This only uninstalls the program, any VHD’s are still there cluttering up disk space. 

If XP mode is no longer necessary, then Windows Virtualization may also no longer be necessary.  This can be removed with:

wusa.exe /uninstall /kb:958559 /quiet /norestart

This was all put into a .bat file and deployed from the K1000. 

@echo off

wusa.exe /uninstall /kb:958559 /quiet /norestart

msiexec.exe /quiet /qn /X{1374CC63-B520-4f3f-98E8-E9020BF01CFF}


After the above script is run, the computer will need a restart. 


Below is what the final script looks like.  The verify and redemption 1 were created by the K1000.