Pretty packaging, Microsoft. Looks errily like another tablet I recently unboxed...


Pretty inside too.


Oh! There's more than a pretty box! There's a device in here!


Hey, good deal, the battery has some juice in it.


Since slanglish isn't an option, I'll choose English.


Hard to see in the photo, but I've given this device the honorable name of ITNinjaRT. It should serve with dignity.

Oh! Now it's time to wait. Apparently somewhere they are getting a PC ready for me instead of this tablet...


Uh oh. I've given it split personalities...


This feels like the MOST important first thing to do with the new tablet.



Wow, that was like a geek peep show! Well, next thing to do it tear apart how things work in the OS. As for the hardware I'll say that I like the weight of it. I like the kickstand is metal (I thought it was plastic previously). I like that there's a USB port, and that the snap keyboard has a trackpad. The aspect ratio and display appear primed to watch movies.

Dislikes- there's no HDMI out, the accessories are overpriced. The cover doesn't lock the screen immediately (this is a stretch to look for something to be mad at). Rotation feels wonky and delayed. The tight integration to web apps is slightly offputting (yep- I'm a hermit).


All things considered- the RT Surface is actually pretty nice. I like it, I don't love it yet, but I'll be making it sing songs soon enough. Cheers all!