I noticed recently that I was no longer able to access the KACE share files using the hostname, even though DNS was working properly.  I could only access it using the IP address of the KACE appliance.  The result of this was that I was no longer able to deploy clients using the KACE appliance.  All clients would have to be deployed using group policy or manually.  I contacted Dell KACE support and after many days of waiting for a response, the tech told me that as long as I had a workaround, they were not going to pursue a solution further.  Well today, I discovered that the problem is worse than just not being able to deploy, it also means that I cannot update any clients.  Faced with the prospect of manually updating many client machines, I had new incentive to try to find a solution again.

I looked online for information about Samba and hostname restrictions, and found that hostnames need to be less than fifteen characters.  My hostname is 14 characters formatted like this xx-xx-xxxx####.  I also noticed that others online where having the exact same symptoms with hostnames and Samba shares even without KACE being involved, in that they could only access the shares if they used the IP address and not the hostname.  So, I took a chance and changed my hostname, so that is was formatted like this xx-xx-xxxx.  And, after a reboot, I could then access the KACE shares using just the hostname.  Victory!!!  Just for fun, I changed the hostname back to what it was originally, and then the shares become unavailable using the hostname again.  So, I've gone with the shorter hostname and all seems to be working well again.

I am sharing this with all of you in case you have experienced the same issue.  Try changing your hostname.  It may help.