Here is how to upload the Ultimate Boot CD iso into the K2000 to be able to pxe from it.

Download and install the KBE manipulator from here:

After installing launch the KBE Manipulator Update checker to make sure you have the latest version

Download the Ultimate boot CD iso from here:

Click on the iso link on the bottom left

Note:  Make sure you have WAIK installed on the machine you are using the KBE manipulator on

You can download the WAIK from here:


Launch the KBE Manipulator

  1. Put in the Ip address of the K2
  2. Enter the samba share password
  3. Select architecture x86
  4. Assign a name to the KBE such UBCD
  5. Click next
  6. Leave the default option at Find K2000/RSA via my DHCP server
  7. Click the add features button
  8. Click the tab “or Upload a Custom KBE”
  9. Choose the second browse button to browse to the location of the UBCD iso
  10. Click Create KBE
  11. After a few moments the K2000 will have the KBE uploaded to the K2000. You can now pxe boot and have the Ultimate Boot CD at your disposal