MSI log file Analyzer is a tool to the Windows Installer log files quickly, efficiently, view detailed and structured. Not just any installation errors, but also other information can retrieve. Such as those in the Filecostingprozess identified feature Componentstate, the copied files including path and many file information, Propertychanges during the installation process and much more. Comparing two different log files which will be possible to interact with WinDiff helps in packaging occurring error to determine quickly. The MSI belonging to the log file exists, it is also possible to export the tables displayed, display the contents of the MSI file to view the log file or program features to install or Entfernen.Das is optimized Windows Installer log files to analyze. It is important to read the maximum of information in the log file and visualize, which logs the log information in so-called verbose mode section.This tool is mentioned in the new book, inside Windows Installer 4.5 from Andreas Kerl on page 471.


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