Hey all,

*Update* App now allows viewing and creation of ticket regarding ANY asset which is assigned to the user in question. It lists the type also, ie "DSTU010 | Computer", "ASSET1045 | Audio Visual Gear".  App also allows override function for assets which arent assigned to particular user. </Update>

So, again today I'm just going to throw something out there and see if anyone would like a hand doing anything similar or if anyone has suggestions of extra tasks.

We have a little quick ticket app which we lovingly call the QuixToolbox/QuickTix and we give it to our support staff for performing a general set of tasks. It queries active directory for all users email addresses and allows the submission of tickets on their behalf. At the same time it lists the machine which they are assigned (only one at the moment but I hope to add a combo box of all machines/assets soon) and allows you to perform things like, reset passwords, vnc, lock down, mmc manage, check a database of login histories (we scrape this at logon), browse the inventory page of a machine, etc etc.

Primarily its used for ticket submission for people who come to the reception desk or call our central support number. Its based on HTA, nice and easy to configure.