California, USA – May 15, 2002 – Cellarstone, Inc. a leading provider of software products and consulting services announced today that it is shipping version 1.6 of its StepUp product. Cellarstone, Inc.’s software development division has partnered with the development firm TechnoPundits Systems Pvt Ltd to bring this product to market.

StepUp is a PC Migration tool that allows the users of a new computer the ability to move data, applications and settings of their old computer to their new computer quickly. Individuals and Companies can now save time, money and energy in migrating a PCÂ’s environment through this fully automated tool.

StepUp is designed to be affordable for the home user and has an under US$20 price point. StepUp is designed to make implementation simple and is unique among competing products in that it needs to be installed only on the destination PC. StepUp has multiple connection options and can take advantage of existing ports and cable connections on the userÂ’s PC.

StepUp fully solves the problems associated with manual migration, such as loss of time and the frustration in going through the migration process. For example, trying to migrate a 5GB PC with 250MB Zip disks will require you to use 20 disks and read and write from it about 40 times. In addition, the manual method will only migrate data and not software applications or your user preferences.


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About CellarStone Inc.:

CellarStone, Inc. is one of the premier companies offering products and services in the international market. CellarStone works with IT, Finance, Human Resources and Sales to manage and implement variable pay and sales commission systems. The companyÂ’s software development division helps bring various software products to market.

About TechnoPundits Systems Pvt Ltd.:

TechnoPundits is a software development and consulting firm focused on building quality, affordable software products based on customer specifications. TechnoPundits build turn-key products, make and market software and provide software development and maintenance expertise to its clients.