The scope with version 4 was to make advanced package functionality easier to use and learn. Snow Distribution is with 127 functions and 64 keywords one of the most powerful software distribution tools in the marketplace, however powerful scripting can be complex and requires training. Version 4 includes a brand new manager with an intuitive GUI and wizard based scripting that allows beginners and less experienced users to gain full advantage of all functionality within Snow Distribution. The manager also includes a conflict checker and a new and improved template editor.

10.12.2003 09:58

A created package is dynamic and adjusts at the time of installation to different operating systems, users, other software, privileges or bandwidth. Amongst the new features you find is integration with SQL databases allowing distribution based on 3rd party systems like Navision and SAP. Enhanced security features allow the administrators to encrypt confidential information used during software distribution.

“The new Manager looks very impressive. The intuitive graphical interface gives us experienced users a very good overview and an easy start for the beginners. I can also see a clear focus on security. SnowPassEncrypt and AskPassword solves eventual security problems when automating administrative tasks" says Mats Jonsson a recognized software packaging and distribution expert at Lan International.

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