Snow Software launches Snow Inventory 3.0

The next generation of Snow Inventory extends inventory solutions to not only reactively monitor status but also to enable administrators to proactively manage usage, actively resolve issues, and analyze changes and usage within the network.

Snow Software, ScandinaviaÂ’s leading provider of high-end Software Management solutions for professional users, today announced the next generation of its award winning Snow Inventory. The new version extends its state of the art inventory solution to also include change management, remote control and the possibility to monitor and analyze the usage of installed licenses. Additionally, Snow Inventory 3.0 is the first inventory solution to include Software Policy Enforcement in order to prevent illegal usage of applications.

“Our focus has been to improve all areas of our already award winning software, and we are proud to present a product that we know includes the features that are needed for effective Software Management. We have really set our goals high in order to meet the high expectations of the users and our partners,” said Snow CEO Axel Kling. “Among the new proactive approach, remote control and other important features we have implemented functionality for change management to help our customers fulfill requirements from ITIL, ISO20000 and corporate governance regulations such as Sarbanes Oxley in a proper and efficient way.”

Snow Inventory 3.0 product Highlights

Software Usage

Measure your software usage in order to re-use and uninstall unused software. Ascertain your license compliance by comparing the Software Installations with your licenses.

Change monitoring

Keep track of all hardware and software changes on your PCs and servers to correct misuse and analyze future needs depending on historical changes.

Software policy enforcer

Prevent users from using illegal application.

Remote control

Take control of any pc directly from the console in order to support, instruct or fix problems identified from the inventory.

Powerful Security

Security has been further enhanced in the new version, with role based administration and the powerful 256-bit Rijndael encryption applied to all data transport and communication.

Efficient Reporting

A fast and dynamic report generator with over 100 standard reports included combined with a variety of different export formats such as mail, excel and web publishing makes reporting and sharing of information fast and accurate.

Innovative User Interface and Zero administration

A completely new innovative user interface including many new functions and maintenance features such as push installation and automatic updates ensures rapid deployment and effective administration.

In addition to all this functionality, Snow Inventory 3.0 is easy to install, has a new interface for easier use, and is designed to fit the most complex of environments which enables IT professionals to manage virtually any desktop and server remotely.

Free download and more information available at

Snow Software is a privately owned product company providing first class technology solutions for effective Enterprise Software Management. The products helps organisations visualize their digital asset investments, better manage their IT infrastructure and substantially improve cost efficiency. With close to one million licenses sold, since the start in 1996, Snow is recognized for it's innovative software distribution solution, priced identification technology and unique software asset management platform. From our offices in Stockholm, Sweden and in Oslo, Norway we help and support our partners and customers, geographically ranging from USA to Australia.