Snow License Manager 2009 - SAM made easy

Experience the possibilities with new Snow License Manager 2009. Take your license management to a new level with built in automation, more efficient reporting and decentralized administration.

Snow License Manager is a brand new software asset management tool. More advanced functionality allows the users to adjust the information after their specific needs.

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Highlights in Snow License Manager 2009

Automated upgrade and downgrade intelligence

Snow License Manager automatically calculates your compliance with consideration of your license maintenance program. The system maximizes return on investment by intelligently using available licenses on the most expensive version of the software.

Save money with license pools

Snow License Manager automatically re-harvests unused or not installed licenses and creates a license pool for cost saving purposes. Easily manage one global or multiple local license pools for all or parts of your software in all or parts of your organization. Make sure you never buy an unnecessary license again!

Manage legal compliance and cost ownership

Snow License Manager automatically compares licenses on a legal level for compliance as well as towards ownership within the organization for internal cost control and management.

Combine central control with local administration

Snow License Manager enables central control over compliance with local license administration. Easily create local SAM owners with limited user rights and restrictions to only access information about their organization node.

Manage processor based licenses

Snow License Manager automatically monitors compliance on your processor and core based licenses by performing real time monitoring towards the hardware that the software is installed on. If the hardware changes the license compliance changes accordingly.

SAM process enforcer

All processes and routines are dependent on all participants learning, understanding and following instructions and policies. Snow License Manager adapts the internal process and then instructs and helps administrators to comply on a daily basis.

Control the license registration by making specific fields required, creating drop down lists and much more. Snow License Manager allows easy identification of breaches in the process. The system uses ISO 19770 naming convention.

Manage named users

Snow License Manager alerts you when someone without correct permission uses an application, making it easy for you to remove unwanted installations, avoid potential threats to the legal compliance and enforce your IT-policy.

License administration

Store physical licenses and agreements

A license is a legal agreement between the user and the software owner, just accepting the digital user terms and conditions during the installation is not enough. Most software vendors require a copy of all physical license proofs and certificates in case of an audit.

Snow License Manager allows you to upload and store all relevant information centrally. Keep track of your own compliance with reports and get immediate alerts if licenses lack vital information.

License upgrade backtracking

Easily trace upgrade path for upgraded applications to identify original license.

Monitor compliance trends

Daily Compliance History allows you to monitor compliance trends in your organization based on historical data. Use this information to plan purchases and predict future license needs.

Register other types of agreements and licenses

Store agreements for support or services, and license proofs for applications not yet possible to inventory, such as Unix.

Subscribe to alerts using RSS

Built in RSS feeds allows you to subscribe to alerts, ensuring you are always updated about urgent matters regardless how often you log on to Snow License Manager.

Black List applications

Snow License Manager immediately alerts you when unwanted applications as specified in the Black List are installed and used, helping you enforce your IT policy and ensuring a healthy and efficient IT environment.

System administration

Trouble shooting has never been easier

Snow License Manager automatically saves detailed information about changes to help facilitate error diagnosis. Use Snow License Manager Action Log to quickly identify errors, when they occurred and who or what caused them.

Automated end of life management

Set up a fully automatic process to manage computers at the end of their life cycle. Automatically move computers no longer submitting inventory data to Quarantine status. Determine the time limit for your computer to stay in Quarantine before they are automatically removed or manually define and manage inactivated computers.

Automatic organization management

Reduce manual organization administration by automatically connecting users and computers to organization nodes based on specified IP range, host name, serial number or Inventory ID.

Support for multiple currencies

Register licenses in local currencies while maintaining financial reports and follow ups in your organization's main currency.

Based on the latest Microsoft Technology

Snow Software relies on a close partnership with Microsoft and other software vendors to ensure our systems are delivering the best possible value. Snow License Manager is based on the latest Microsoft technology such as .NET 3.5, SQL Server 2008 and 64 bit OS to guarantee maximum performance and an optimal user experience.

Unlimited number of custom fields

Add custom fields for user and computer information not possible to inventory such as location, contact details and phone number. Snow License Manager has no maximum limit for number of custom fields - add as many as you need.