Deployment Tip for Skype 6.7

1) Download the SkypeSetup.exe from skype and extract the MSI.

2) Create a transform for the MSI with necessary modifications

All the Modifications that needs to be done are to be made to the following registry.

 For example to disable the personalization screen - "DisablePersonalise"=dword:00000001
For disabling the updates - "DisableVersionCheck"=dword:00000001


For uninstall:

Msiexec.exe /X{4E76FF7E-AEBA-4C87-B788-CD47E5425B9D} /qn


First off the vistualization is pretty easy.

Sequence the app and then try to do two things.

1) Remove REG_SZ entry “Installed =1“ under 
HKLM\Software\Wow6432Node\Skype\Phone\UI\ from the VFS. As this would not allow Skype to Freeze when trying to sign out or quitting Skype.

2) When trying to quit Skype from taskbar, the application would try to error out saying that Skype is not available. And it also gives a Quit Skype in the task bar. To avoid that . Just fake in the sequencer saying that the version is being supported in previous OS. Right click on Properties of Skype and change the compatibility option and set that to windows XP Professional SP3 which would take that Quit Skype option off.

Wolaaa. Skype is done.