Signature In MS Outlook

MS Outlook is generally used as an Email client. So it provides with the feature to build a customized signature for the user. The user can create a personalized signature that can include text, image, link, logo or business card. It will help in saving the time as users need not to repeatedly type the same details again and again. Like for ex: at the end of every message, if users want to address the receiver with his name and designation and logo of the company than in that case he can create a signature which will always be attached automatically with the mails sent by the user. This will avoid typing the same details again and again.

Now the question arises is how to create the signature in MS Outlook?

The answer is quite easy. Just follow these simple steps:

1.      Click on the “new” button on the above title bar.

2.      Than a window like MS word like interface will appear. Then click on “signature”.

3.      To create a new signature,again click  on “signatures”.


User can also reach to the option of signature by following it:

Click on “Tools”-> “Options”-> “Mail format”-> “signatures”.

So either way can be chosen to create a signature. Only the path followed is different.

4.       After this a new window will be opened. Here users as per his need and requirements can customize his signature.

5.      Select “new”.

6.      Type the name to be issued with the signature.

7.      Check the default settings which include:

·         E-mail account: Account with which user wants to attach the signature.

·         New message: Whether to attach the signature with every new message, if yes then select the name of the signature.

·         Replies/forwards: If the user selects the signature with this option than his signature will be attached to every reply or forwarded message made by that user.

8.      Below is the text box provided for “edit signature”. There user can create the signature as in whatever manner he wants to create. Also can attach images, logo, or business card.

9.      Click on “ok”.  A signature is successfully created.


How to delete the signatures in MS Outlook??

If user in the future wants to delete the signature or create a new one ,then he can also delete the signature made before.

A signature can be deleted by following some steps:

1.      Click on “tools”.

2.      Further click on “options”.

3.      Then click on “email format”.

4.      Followed by it click on “signature”.

5.      Then click on the signature name you want to delete.

6.      Below is the option provided to delete the signature. So click on “delete”.

7.      After clicking delete, it will ask for the confirmation, click “ok”. By this your signature will be deleted.

User can also create more than one signature at a time, which will be helpful in the case if more than one account is configured on the user’s Outlook. In that case, users can use different signatures for different account. And this is not necessary that users can have more than one signature in the case when he has configured more than one account in MS Outlook. More than one signature can also be created while using single account.