NNB Software is pleased to announce Setup Cloner version 2.2

Setup Cloner enables automatic installation of software on remote computers. It doesn't matter how many computers you have in your network - 10 or 1000 - it will only take a couple of minutes to install an application or an update on them. You just install an application on a single computer and Setup Cloner will automatically generate a script for the installation. The script can then be executed on remote computers either by means of the built-in auto-run manager, or by putting a special encrypted shortcut in your own batch files or scripts (Setup Cloner will create the encrypted shortcut for you).

Setup Cloner 2.2 features:

- Ability to install applications "as administrator" - regardless of current user's rights

- Built-in auto-run manager for automatic installations on Windows startup

- Encrypted shortcuts for "manual" launching of recorded scripts or for embedding them in your own batch files or scripts

- No client-side software needed on workstations

- Regular NTFS permissions used to select the users on whose computers an application should be installed (auto-run mode)

- Ability to install multiple applications in one run

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