Professional Development Systems BV

Zwarteweg 8 1412 GD Naarden
The Netherlands
Service Provided
For more than 10 years, PDS is the official Wise (Altiris) & InstallShield (Macrovision) distributor & training centre for the Benelux countries. With hands-on expertise in-house, fast product delivery and scheduled courses every other 4 weeks at our training facilities, our customers find the level of packaging expertise they are looking for to successfully complete their projects on time within budget. Try us out and discover what we can do to help your projects become successful.
Service Area
Tools Used
Installshield ( Macrovision)
- AdminStudio suite
- Installshield editions
- Activation Service
- Demoshield
- Update Service

Wise ( Altiris)
- Wise Package Studio
- Wise for Windows Installer
- Wise Installation System

- Workstation
- ESX Server
- GSX Server
- Technology NetworkServer
- Virtual Center
- VMotion
- Virtual SMP