I created a script to change BIOS settings to automatically turn on a PC on Saturday at 11pm so patching can be done on Sunday at Midnight without interrupting users.

This script also disabled the password prompt for PXE booting (F12) for use in pushing an image out to multiple PC's

1.  I downloaded the HPBiosConfigUtility.exe

2.  I ran HPQPswd64.exe to create a pwd.bin storing the current password

3.  I used a shared drive and created a folder and named it:   BIOS_Configuration_Utility

4.  I created a script and stored it in the same directory

Here is the script:  

rem Sets source directory for use throughout the script

rem Set a value on a HP physical system. Note the 64-bit version is used on an OS that is 64-bit

net use <path to the folder containing all necessary files> /user:<domain\user>

<path to the folder containing all necessary files>\BIOS_Configuration_Utility\biosconfigutility64.exe /CurSetupPasswordFile:"<path to the folder containing all necessary files>\BIOS_Configuration_Utility\pwd.bin" /setvalue:"Password prompt on F9 F11 & F12","Disable" /setvalue:"Saturday","Enabled" /setvalue:"BIOS Power-On Time (hh:mm)","23:00" /log /verbose