Ok Folks, this will be a long one, but this product is yet again another example of how vendors get it wrong. They use MSI, but then muck it up with stuff, and then either mistakenly or deliberately remove the automated functionality.

RightFax Product Suite Client v10 is a MSI, but it is locked to the SETUP.EXE wrapper. You can't add a MST, you cant do the Active Setup trick to fill in user settings for subsequent users, etc. They put prerequisites in the wrapper and out, its a mess. We are a large organization and have a third party support company to help us, Informa, and our guy from there of Ryan Harkey has really tried to help, and has provided good info. However, once we hit the wall with trying to get it to fully work with Microsoft SCCM 2012 (SP1), we had to elevate to "Open Text" (Capteris). Once there, they initially talked to us, but then stopped returning our calls/emails, BOTH of us. Hmmmm.....

Their official position is "it doesnt work in SCCM, and they put in a Feature Request for the next version, possibly out next year." To those of us who have to upgrade now due to that the previous version doesn't work in Win7, SOL to us...thanks.

Well, as usual, the customer knows more about the product than the vendor. So, I am putting in the fix that is working for us. Yes, the vendor says it doesn't work, and yet the customer gets it to work. I will try to be as descriptive as possible in the deployment tip.