Install Solutions has released a cool suite of tools. One of them uses WMI to query remote systems for information on files, services, registry keys, etc. Here are a couple of items that make it stand out:

  • Simply check boxes for the information you want to collect.

  • Import a list of systems to query from Active Directory or feed it a text file list.

  • Asynchronous query streams for speeding up the query process.

  • It's all WMI so all you need is admin rights on the systems you want to query (and WMI enabled of course).

  • It can read a line from a text file as well. This is useful for obtaining information that isn't in the registry but stored in an XML or INI file.

  • All of the results are real time and you can export to Excel once it's complete.

I really like this tool for adhoc queries. Most inventory managers don't collect every file or registry key so when you need information quickly this is the tool to use.