The new RayPack version 2.1 provides new and improved features that you can look forward to. 

Packaging for a WISEr generation

The software packaging solution RayPack enables packaging and re-packaging of software applications. With RayPack, creation and editing of classic software package formats such as MSI, MST and MSP as well as virtual package formats, e.g. App-V, ThinApp and SWV is as easy as 1-2-3. Discover the alternative solution the packaging world has been waiting for.

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Feature Highlights:

Multilingual User Interface


Select RayPack in your preferred language. To increase the convenience for users, we provide RayPack in English (default), German, and Polish. You can also look now forward now to language options like Dutch and French, which are already on our roadmap.

Additional Settings for Application Packages

Whilst former releases of RayPack allowed to create virtual packages in compliance to format standards of App-V 5.0 SP3 and 5.1, the latest improvements additionally allow to modify application package settings that are format specific.

ODBC Scanner

AAEAAQAAAAAAAASbAAAAJGExYjkxMmQ0LWRjYzEtEspecially RayPack user from the setup development sector will benefit from the provision of this new standalone tool. With this additional scanner module, it is easy as pie to scan any device for ODBC settings and transfer the scan result files to the packaging workstation, where they may be imported into any MSI, MST, or RayPack Packaging Project.

More Enhancements

  • Support for custom variables and path management
  • ThinApp-Converter has been extended
  • Better Handling of InstallShield conversion
  • New command line tool
  • and many more


RayPack can be used as a standalone packaging tool or as part of Raynet's modular RaySuite comprising of workflow management, license management, platform readiness check, evaluation, quality control and software deployment incl. support for third-party solutions (RayManageSoft,Microsoft Config Manager, LanDesk etc...).


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