Hello Wininstall users and Desktop Engineers,


RapidWinstaller is a replacement for the Wininstall Interactive Installer. When you have a large amount of packets and LST files which need to be under one listfile the Interactive Installer is getting slow. Not because it not well coded simply because it does a lot of File- and Registry checks. The Interactive Installer was never reallyimproved even with all the releases that came since 8.6.

Thats why we decided to write our own Installer addon for Wininstall for Helpdesk and Setup for our cumstomers.

With the RapidParser Script your are able to generate a Menu XML file beginning from your starting LST file like myapps.lst. The Script generates an XML file which can be used in the RapidWinstaller to select and install Software.

You can find more info under http://www.ntfaq.ch or

donwload it directly from appdeploy under http://itninja.com/link/scriptlogic-®---enterprise-windows-management...point,-click,-done!3