Irvine (CA), July 8, 2004: Endeavors Technology today announces that Parsons has selected AppExpress as its on-demand solution for making applications available to desktops across the enterprise. With AppExpress, Parsons will have the capability for fast, economical, and strongly controlled application delivery. It will also be able to track use of the software online and offline.

Parsons selected AppExpress to improve the manageability, cost and provisioning of software to its Windows®-environment desktops. For a number of years, Parsons has employed its in-house-developed Execution and Delivery Environment (EDE) system to establish the CAD working environment and deliver applications in desired project-specific configuration to the user community.

The goal of the AppExpress integration is to have the user interaction with EDE remain as it is, while dramatically improving the user experience with the rapid application streaming capabilities of AppExpress. A further objective is to facilitate delivery of the wide range of general software applications that are used outside the EDE system. The integrated systems exhibit superior usage tracking capability. This will prevent users from appropriating or bypassing the tracking mechanism as well as improve the overall reliability of the system.

AppExpress is a secure on-demand application delivery mechanism for distributing and analyzing applications inside large enterprises and across remote desktops. AppExpressÂ’s architecture offers dramatic improvements in scalability and reduced operational costs compared to traditional delivery technologies.

Analysts state that on-demand application delivery makes it economically feasible to deliver applications to people according to need. This is particularly important for mobile and power users who are a growing population within enterprises. AppExpress offers many access and license management capabilities for the occasionally connected user.

“It is essential for us that Management has central control of the software distribution and can decide on the rules of licensing depending on user roles and profiles,” according to Parsons. “AppExpress provides us much more granular control of license management, better monitoring of application usage by the second, as well as providing firm prevention of unauthorized software use.”

AppExpress is certified for Microsoft® Windows® Server 2003 Standard, Enterprise, and Datacenter Editions. Endeavors Technology is a Gold Certified Partner of Microsoft. More at

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