BONITA SPRINGS, FL, April 25, 2003 - ( OnDemand Software, Inc., the pioneers and creators of WinINSTALL, the leading software distribution

product for over ten years has released the new version of WinINSTALL LE; the most widely distributed and used MSI repackager in the world. WinINSTALL LE became the first MSI repackager for the Windows 2000 introduction of MSI and the Windows Installer version 1.0 when it shipped on the Windows 2000 Advanced Server CD. Through the years WinINSTALL LE has helped thousands of IT administrators around the world learn how to package applications for deployment to desktops in the new MSI file format.

Microsoft has decided to not include a MSI packager with the release of Server 2003 but from positive feedback from administrators and the technology industry OnDemand Software has decided to continue the continuity of providing a FREE standard edition MSI repackager for administrators to use in order to leverage the file format and its deployment capabilities.

“WinINSTALL has been the leader in the software distribution arena for many years,” says Jack Palmer, OnDemand president and CEO. “Continuing to provide WinINSTALL LE as a free administrator tool for MSI makes sure that there is no functionality taken away from administrators as they begin to migrate from Windows 2000 to Server 2003,” adds Palmer.

"Microsoft's inclusion of WinINSTALL LE with Windows 2000 and XP provided a terrific no-cost way to move to their then-new .MSI format. So it's a shame that Windows Server 2003 won't include any free MSI packagers on its CD. What a relief, then, to hear that OnDemand Software, WinINSTALL's new home, will offer the latest WinINSTALL LE as a free download!” says Mark Minasi, best-selling author, sought after technology columnist and a Microsoft Windows Server expert.

WinINSTALL LE 2003 is immediately available as a free download at This MSI repackager has all the functionality of any standard edition MSI repackager found on the market. It is a perfect stepping stone to the full WinINSTALL software distribution product family. In addition to the free standard edition MSI repackager WinINSTALL offers a Professional Edition MSI Packager as well as the well-known WinINSTALL product that addresses the most complete software distribution system available without the requirement for hardware platforms and expensive entry points.

WinINSTALL LE 2003 provides support for the most current MSI schema, 2.0. It allows package compression and supports Windows 2000 and Server 2003. For administrators that require additional support for merge files, MSM, patches, MSP, and transforms, MST as well as a myriad of additional capabilities found in the WinINSTALL editing console OnDemand provides two other product sets that address both enhanced MSI packaging as well as a complete software distribution and desktop availability solution.

WinINSTALL LE 2003 is the prelude to the new WinINSTALL version 8.0 that will be released soon that will not only provide new features such as hardware and software inventory but also address other MSI packaging capabilities such as conflict assessment, MSI validation and correction as well as reliable multi-cast replication. “We are very focused on where we are headed with WinINSTALL,” says Jack Palmer. “Eliminating the need to visit desktops to resolve software problems is the business problem that our customers want us to address.” “We believe that WinINSTALL is about to move software distribution to a new pinnacle in helping IT administrators proactively manage desktop environments,” Palmer adds. “Managing desktops shouldn’t be about managing a toolset but should be about truly lowering the cost of managing the desktops in the environment”.

“WinINSTALL LE 2003 was built by administrators for administrators” says Paul Pieske, OnDemand Vice-President of Marketing and New Business Development. “Competitive standard edition MSI repackagers sell for as much as one-thousand dollars not including support. OnDemand Software is providing this value for Systems Administrator’s for FREE in a down economy”, Pieske adds.

About the WinINSTALL™ Product Family

WinINSTALL, winner of 17 industry awards, is used by over 10,000 companies worldwide and currently supports millions of corporate desktops. A light version of WinINSTALL was selected by Microsoft as the re-packager for Windows 2000 and has been integrated with many of the leading network management platforms such as Microsoft SMS, CA Unicenter, and IBM Tivoli. It is one of the only client change management products that looks at software distribution from not just a packager and installation deployment concept, but from the management of how to build software installation packages and patches, how to install them and how to manage the success or failure of those installations once the change has taken place at the desktop. All of these functions take place from a single console, something not found in any other product today.

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About OnDemand Software, Inc.

OnDemand is a pioneer and a leading provider of software distribution solutions, for small, medium and enterprise IT environments. OnDemand’s WinINSTALL product family, winner of 17 industry awards, is used to institute and maintain desktop standards, automating the installation of operating systems, content and application load sets to networked and remote PCs. OnDemand customers – small, medium and enterprise IT environments – report a substantial return on investment (ROI) and a reduction in the total Cost of Ownership (TCO). OnDemand is committed to continuing the WinINSTALL product family’s leadership role in the software distribution and change management market. Over 10,000 companies worldwide, supporting millions of desktops use the WinINSTALL product. For more information on OnDemand, please see or call Paul Pieske at 866/495-0541.