Company Also Ships ON iCommand Version 2.1, Extending Current Support for Managing Windows and Linux to Pocket PC and UNIX Devices

Waltham, Mass. (June 17, 2003) - ON Technology (NASDAQ:ONTC), a leading provider of enterprise infrastructure management solutions, today announced that its recently launched ON iCommand™ suite has experienced rapid adoption by a wide range of customers in both the U.S. and Europe during the current quarter.

ON iCommand – a unified Web-enabled solution for managing any function on any device over any network, including wired and wireless LANs, WANs, dial-up and the Internet – has been chosen by customers in a diverse group of industries including banking & finance, government, telecommunications, manufacturing, and pharmaceuticals.

The company also announced that it is currently shipping the newest version of ON iCommand, which extends the companyÂ’s current support for Windows and Linux devices to Pocket PC handhelds and UNIX systems such as Sun Solaris, HP-UX and Mac OS X platforms. ON iCommand Version 2.1 also enhances the companyÂ’s Web-based tools to support the specialized browser requirements of the Pocket PC, including Web Self-Service for end-users and Web Admin for IT administrators.

New ON iCommand customers include:

Banking and Finance

A large financial institution in the Northeast U.S., which purchased the full ON iCommand suite to manage 10,000 banking terminals in 1,300 geographically-diverse branch offices. ON iCommand will also be used to automate the companyÂ’s Windows XP roll-out, deploy new business applications and critical updates such as security patches, and provide one-click disaster recovery.

State and Local Government

The State Senate of Pennsylvania, which purchased ON iCommand to manage mobile laptops for state senators and their staff.

The City of Tallahassee, Florida, which purchased ON iCommand to manage nearly 1,300 workstations.

Sedgefield Borough Council, U.K., which purchased ON iCommand to automate its Windows XP migration across 15 distributed sites, as well as deploy ongoing updates and reduce Help Desk response times with a limited IT staff.


A large, U.S.-based telecommunications provider, which purchased ON iCommand to manage a cluster of network servers delivering telecommunications services to wired and wireless carriers.

Manufacturing & Technology

Saab Group, which purchased ON iCommand to manage its network of desktops at its Saab Training Systems corporate headquarters in Europe.

National Machinery LLC, a U.S.-based manufacturer of metal parts forming machines, which purchased the full ON iCommand suite to automate its Windows XP roll-out and lower ongoing IT costs.

Alpine Mayreder, a European company in the building and construction industry, which purchased the ON Technology solution to manage 2,300 workstations and laptops through ON iCommand Web Admin.

MS Mail Service, a fast-growing Swiss-based marketing service provider specializing in direct marketing and call centers, which purchased ON iCommand to manage Internet kiosks for end-users.


Actelion Pharmaceuticals Ltd., a Swiss-based leader in the development and marketing of new drugs, which purchased ON iCommand to manage its network of both servers and workstations.

“The rapid adoption of ON iCommand validates our vision and investment in next-generation solutions that solve real-world customer problems,” stated Robert L. Doretti, ON Technology chairman, president, and CEO. “The significant benefits delivered by our solution – lower IT costs, enhanced security, and higher quality of service for all users, wherever they’re located – should allow us to substantially grow our customer base during the course of this year. We believe that ON iCommand’s initial adoption is indicative of pent-up market demand that ON Technology is best positioned to address.”

About ON iCommand

ON iCommand uniquely provides a single integrated solution for managing the full lifecycle of remote devices, including unattended bare metal provisioning, OS and application deployment, ongoing security updates and patch management, disaster recovery, and de-provisioning. Its open and scalable architecture also allows IT organizations to incorporate and leverage existing tools – such as Ghost, Microsoft SMS, Wise Package Studio, and Novell ZENworks packages – to provide 100% automation and eliminate sneakernet.

ON iCommandÂ’s innovative Java-based agent and server technology supports desktops, servers, retail kiosks, and mobile devices such as laptops and handhelds, and has been designed to support next-generation devices such as intelligent cell phones, embedded vehicle systems and consumer set-top boxes. With ON iCommand, IT departments can now perform critical management functions on thousands of remote devices simultaneously, over any type of network.

ON iCommand also incorporates advanced technologies for managing devices over low-speed connections and the Internet, including HTTP/SSL support for securely managing users both inside and outside the firewall (such as home users); dynamic bandwidth throttling for preserving bandwidth for critical business applications; file- and byte-level differencing and compression for minimizing download times; and checkpoint-restart for efficiently handling intermittent connections such as wireless and dial-up.

The ON iCommand suite consists of ON iCommand for unattended device provisioning, OS deployments, and ongoing software management; ON Command Discovery™ for network discovery, asset management, license compliance, and software usage monitoring; and ON Command Remote™ for Help Desk support.

Pricing and Availability

ON iCommand 2.1 is currently shipping and available as a no-charge upgrade for current ON iCommand customers with valid maintenance agreements

About ON Technology Corporation

ON Technology empowers IT organizations and service providers to manage the full lifecycle of their computing systems over large-scale corporate networks. Our solutions are used to rapidly and reliably deploy critical applications, operating systems, and content to desktops, mobile PCs, handhelds, servers, retail point-of-sale (POS) terminals and banking workstations. Our customers leverage our solutions to significantly reduce IT costs, improve availability and reliability of business-critical applications, and enhance both IT and end-user productivity. ONÂ’s management solution has been chosen by more than 825 enterprises worldwide to manage in excess of 1.1 million networked computer systems. For more information visit ON TechnologyÂ’s web site at or call 800-767-6638.