Insystek Inc, makers of the NSMC product suite, receives numerous requests from colleges and universities who want to use the NSMC in their environments. The goal of the NSMC educational pricing program is to make the NSMC product suite available to educational institutions world wide, while at the same time providing technical support for the product. To meet these goals, Insystek and our resellers work in partnership to make the educational pricing program available to educational institutions.

Educational pricing for the NSMC is extremely simple and inexpensive. The NSMC product suite is free to universities and educational institutions, with a signed three maintenance agreement. The educational product is a full commercial license for the latest version of the product without any restrictions on the capabilities or features of the product.

To receive educational pricing, the educational institution designates one person who works with the NSMC to sponsor and be the technical liaison:

The sponsor is the person who requests educational pricing from Insystek Inc and manages the relationship. The sponsor is also in charge of making sure that the product has a valid license count.

The technical liaison is the person who handles all technical support questions for the educational institution. This structure ensures that repeated or inappropriate questions from the educational institution do not overwhelm the Insystek Inc technical support department.

To receive educational pricing, the sponsor contacts Insystek Inc by phone or email and establishes an educational account. After determining who will act as the sponsor and technical liaison and signing the Educational License Agreement, the sponsor receives the NSMC and associated documentation.

To take advantage of the NSMC educational program, take the following steps:

Determine who will act as the sponsor and the technical liaison for the program

Have the sponsor contract Insystek Inc to create an educational account

Sign the Educational License Agreement.

Download and install the software

Ask technical support questions through the technical liaison

Educational Pricing Quote

If you are interested in obtaining an educational pricing quote for the NSMC product suite, please contact Insystek Inc at so that we may provide the appropriate pricing and purchasing information.