has been revamped and new versions of the popular tools released.

Remote Software Installation Utility 2007 - Deploy software instantly to remote clients with no client installed on the desktop.

Remote System Query Utility 2007 - Query systems remotely for information on files, registry keys, services, printers, operating system and more. Get results back in real time with no client needed on the remote systems. Export results to Excel for creating detailed reports.

Active Directory Query Utility 2007 - Effortlessly query AD for information about Computer, Server, and User accounts. Return all available AD properties for an object or just a few. Export the search results to Excel for filtering and parsing the data.

Also, a few free tools have been released.

System Availability Utility 2.0 - Ping a list of computers and return valuable information like Request Timed Out, Host Not Found and response time. Also resolves IP addresses to DNS\WINS host name.

Quick Install Maker 2.0 - Bundles up existing installations into a single file installer format. It creates a self extracting executable that calls the setup.exe file, plus any command line parameters, upon extraction. This is a perfect solution for creating quick single file installer packages when capturing\repackaging an application install is not necessary.

Thanks to everyone for their feedback on these utilities. I hope that they continue to serve you well. Please let me know if you have anymore suggestions.