The 4.9 version introduces the ability to share folders on install, support for authoring removable patches and the option to improve .Net applications performance and startup time by precompiling them to native images on install.

The prerequisites support has been further enhanced with prerequisite launch conditions and dependencies, an improved .Net 3.0 framework detection algorithm and many new predefined installer launch conditions.

Seven new language translations were completed, giving you the possibility to create installers fully localized in Finnish, Greek, Korean, Slovak, Slovenian, Swedish and Turkish, for a total of 25 available localizations.

  • Folder sharing

  • Removable patches

  • Automatically registering .Net assemblies for COM interoperability

  • Precompiling .Net assemblies

  • Dependencies between prerequisites

  • Prerequisite launch conditions: OS version and language

  • Option to reboot after installing a prerequisite

  • Predefined launch condition testing Administrator privileges for installer

  • Added Windows x64 series to the Supported OS launch conditions

  • Implemented all predefined launch conditions in bootstrapper as well as in MSI

  • Importing Regedit 4 .REG files

  • Pre-testing SQL Server connection

  • Completed translations for seven additional languages

  • Extended ability to Detect and Upgrade any product, version or language

Advanced Installer Professional costs USD $249.

Advanced Installer Enterprise costs USD $499.

The application can be downloaded from:

More details about the application can be found at: