Just so you don’t think we are slacking over here, I’m happy to share our beta of ITNinja’s replacement search functionality. It’s not ready for prime time yet, so you’ll find the same Google search is in place on the site right now because we just are not satisfied with the replacement yet which you may access at:


Though it is arguably better, here is a short list of the issues we plan to address before cutting it over as the primary search solution for the site:

  • Software results with no tips may be returned as highly ranked results
  • We will be adding the ability to return results by recency or relevancy
  • We’ll be tweaking the weighting of results to better ensure our more valuable pages are better ranked in results

With the above exceptions, if you have any feedback on search or how we might improve it, please do share right here in the comments of this post. 


Update: Search is out of beta and in production now. Access from the top of the screen or at http://www.itninja.com/search for details about the release, check here