Our second update to the site includes a couple of major changes based on your feedback…

Deployment Tips, AKA the Package KB

You can now browse all packages alphabetically. This is a nicer interface, but very similar functionality to how the information was presented on AppDeploy and I hope you will like it.

One thing you may find confusing is that the list is supposed to show just the product name and not the versions (you navigate versions on the target software page) but the tip count shown is the sum of all tips from all versions. So if you see there are two tips and when you click it see only one, the other tip is for a different version. By default we attempt to show the latest version by default and you can click “Versions” to choose others. This is another area we intend to update so as to provide some insight as to what versions have tips so you need not dig.

It’s important to understand that one thing we have yet to do is provide a way to browse the entire software library; the tips area is limited to items in the software library that include deployment tips. If you want to contribute information on an unlisted title, you’ll need to perform a tag based search to locate it, add your tip, and then the presence of a tip will make it then appear in this deployment tips page. We are working on the best way to support browsing of the software library, but with hundreds of thousands of titles a simple alphabetical list alone is not going to be practical. Rest assured we are on it though!

Browsing Q&A

You can now browse questions much more intuitively. We updated the design to show more about the status and activity associated with the question. There are a few tabs to help you dive in with the first/default tab being all items with the newest on top. You can control the number of items per page and we now (like in the deployment tips area) provide a paginated display. This means you don’t have to hit “more” any longer and also helps when you leave the page and use your browser's back button to return to the right point in your list.

There is other stuff too and you'll find a list of those things here, but these are the big ones I know a lot of members have been looking forward to seeing. Keep that feedback coming, each needs some amount of work but we didn’t want to put off getting it it perfect before exposing the highly requested functionality. Like everything on the site, these will be looked at for how these pages might be improved and your feedback is invaluable.