Camwood, the UKÂ’s leading enterprise application packaging company, has launched two new services to help companies become more compliant with Microsoft Best Practice guidelines.

The new services include a Microsoft Best Practices health check, which is designed to establish the extent to which an organisationsÂ’ desktop estate adheres to accepted Microsoft standards, thereby reducing the likelihood of future application conflicts. Delivered through CamwoodÂ’s own web based portal, the Health Check provides a detailed report that ranks by severity the number of applications within an estate that do not comply with Microsoft approved ICE (Internal Consistency Evaluator) validation and conflict and component rules.

Using the information derived from the Health Check, companies can then take advantage of CamwoodÂ’s new MSI clean up service. This service delivers quality assurance for clients through cleaning up existing application packages to quality assured Microsoft and Camwood standards, and is supported with a detailed impact report showing which applications have been cleaned.

Both services will deliver benefits in terms of making an application estate more robust, and will help to reduce ongoing estate maintenance costs as problems within the desktop will be identified and fixed sooner rather than later.

Mike Welling, Commercial Director of Camwood, said of the new services:

“Companies must consider the state of their desktop before rolling out any new applications to an estate. We have seen some real horror stories recently where companies have had serious system crashes because they had attempted to deploy a new application, without considering how it would co-exist or conflict with others in the estate.”

“As a company that packages applications to fully approved Microsoft MSI standards we want to pass on our expertise to other companies to help them adopt a more secure desktop estate and become less vulnerable to security attack. We strongly advise anyone considering a new deployment project to make the investment in understanding what condition their existing application estate is in, and to benefit from the quality assurance that our new compliance services provide,” added Mike.


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