Say goodbye to ICE errors in your MSI Packages!

ZettaServe is pleased to announce the availability of the ICEWorks beta. ICEWorks is a fully automated MSI packaging tool that ZettaServe has been using internally for several years and is now making available to the general public.

Put simply, ICEWorks will automatically correct all types of ICE errors and most ICE warnings in a given MSI package, both vendor supplied MSIs and packages built using Wise, Admin Studio or similar tools. It enables application packagers to minimise the time spent on repairing ICE and Windows Installer SDK issues with an MSI and allows them to focus on the application configuration and function. Our extensive experience using this tool internally indicates that this results in better quality packages delivered in record time.

For more infomation about ICEWorks and to download your limited time free beta copy, please go to:

To go to the support forums directly:

Many Thanks,

The ZettaServe ICEWorks Beta Team