Insystek, Inc. has just announced a new aggressive marketing pricing schema, providing extraordinary price performance to the customer. This provides you with the opportunity to take control of your network at a truly affordable price. NSMC offers enterprise-class management by providing Asset management, Software Distribution, and proactive monitoring, alerting and reporting.

In an aggressive move to increase market share, Insystek has lowered the cost of NSMC Monitoring to $449.00 per server. NSMC Monitoring now released as a single Base Monitoring Module, which provides you with all the functionality of previously released separate monitoring modules (SQL, IIS, Exchange, Proxy, etc) combined into one.

Also effective immediately, Insystek will begin selling its Network Services Management Console (NSMC), Asset Management, and Software Distribution as one product. The product suite can be used to manage Windows workstations, servers, and applications all from a single purchase. This change represents to the customer, the opportunity to receive the benefits of both software distribution and asset management at a significantly reduced price.

“Our goal is to provide reliable, affordable enterprise management solutions,” Alex Turner says. “As operating systems and applications more readily expose there management data, the days of enterprise management costing a fortune are over. Due to improvements in technology, we can provide affordable management solutions to companies of all sizes. We have effectively opened the door for companies to achieve true enterprise management through the just announced aggressive pricing structure.”