March, 2002 -- NetSupport Inc. announces the release of NetSupport Manager version 7.0. NetSupport Manager 7 provides support for Windows XP Professional and Server providing secure and reliable remote control facilities to the XP environment.

NetSupport Manager 7 contains performance enhancements and offers the highest level of security. NSM 7 provides encryption options ranging from 56 bit Data Encryption Standard (DES) through to the recently announced 256 bit Enhanced Encryption Standard (AES). Users can set the level of encryption to find the right balance between security and performance to suit individual requirements.

NSM 7 has a bright new look, offers SMS integration, has new ActiveX control functions for remote control over the Internet and much more. NetSupport Manager 7 makes it easier and faster to access and manage your remote systems anywhere.

NetSupport Incorporated is a developer of desktop management applications. NetSupport TCO is an enterprise management suite including hardware/software inventory, software deployment, license metering, reporting, etc. NetSupport Manager provides PC remote control for help desks and telecommuting. NetSupport School enables computer lab instructors to centrally control PCs in their classroom. For more information and a free trial download, please visit

"NetSupport Manager is a powerful remote control application. It can be installed remotely to client workstations using the included utility - a convenient feature not available on most remote control software. NetSupport Manager performed very well in our lab testing, and at $99 per user license, it's an excellent value, too."

- 8wire 1/2002