Thankfully at this site, I have the tried and trusted App-V v4.6 as a fall back...

Sequenced the app in v5, not using PVAD. app is fine during sequencing, test on an App-V v5 client, not joy.
Complains about path length.
Try launching the app from its install path using /appvve:. Same issue

resequence in App-V v5 this time using the PVAD (App is working fine during sequencing). Didnt use PVAD before as it installs to about 4 locations, this time I chose the highest dir in Programfiles "C:\Program Files (x86)\capita childrens services\"

test again, no joy. different error though, this time it couldnt find one of the files that is next to the main exe in the PVAD

So resequence in 4.6. Using the VFS (not the MOUNT), this is a server client app and things can get copied at run time, there are numerous INIs and XML config files that would have to be changed.

Works like a charm.....

Looking forward to App-V v5 SP