This tip will show you how to create a daily log of provisioned machines. 

The existing Report for the K1000 Client Roll Out Log is fine for what it is: a list of all computers that have checked into the K1000 grouped by the date they were added. 
During the initial rollout ( or provisioning) of an environment, it is nice to know that machines are being added each day or each week. TO create such a report, we need to duplicate the existing report and then modify it. 
The nature of the modification is that we want to restrict the report to only machines that are new. You definition of 'new' may vary, and that can be taken into account. 
Let's start!
  1. Navigate to Reporting -> Reports
  2. From the View Menu choose the Category "K1000"
  3. Click into the "K1000 Client Roll Out Log" to access the "K10000 Reports: Edit Report window
  4. Click the "Duplicate" button at the bottom of the report. 
     -- Canned Reports cannot be modified
  5. Rename the Report "K1000 Client Rollout for Last 24 Hours" (or Last 7 Days if preferred)
    1. Insert a couple of lines right before the last part of the existing report that reads:

         order by CREATED_TIME
    2. Add the following text before "order by CREATED_TIME"

         where CREATED > DATE_SUB(NOW(), INTERVAL 24 HOUR)
    3. In the "Break on Columns field" delete the word "CREATED"
  6. Save the new Report. It should look something like this:

Now that the Report exists, it should be a simple matter of Scheduling it to be delivered to the appropriate email address(es) at the desired time.