ManageSoft Corporation, a world leader in software configuration management solutions, has been selected by AustraliaÂ’s Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade (DFAT) to provide software deployment and management solutions to more than 80 of its offices and embassies worldwide.

The software management project is part of the departmentÂ’s multi-million dollar Secure Australian Telecommunications and Information Network (SATIN) upgrade, designed to improve the departmentÂ’s ability to enhance AustraliaÂ’s security across the globe which enhances the departmentÂ’s ability to protect and advance AustraliaÂ’s interests internationally.

The SATIN environment delivers Microsoft Windows 2000 with Microsoft Active Directory to all computer systems throughout the organization.

ManageSoft will oversee the centralized deployment and management of software across DFATÂ’s 5,500 computers, which include all of the organizationÂ’s desktops, laptops and servers worldwide.

According to Hugh Kellow, Project Leader for SATIN Development, DFAT needed to implement a worldwide standard of Windows 2000 and Active Directory across all of its offices while ensuring rigorous IT process management.

“We needed a software management solution that provided seamless integration with Microsoft Active Directory and could ensure that the newly installed clean environment was managed optimally. Most importantly, with isolated offices worldwide, we needed a solution able to provide reliable software deployment even over the world’s most unreliable networks – even including those sites linked by satellite.” said Kellow.

Unlike other tools that make LAN-based assumptions and treat mobile and remote systems as an afterthought, ManageSoft enables reliable management across any network, including the Internet. This was an important consideration for DFAT as the organization has over 80 embassies worldwide with a good number of remote locations facing bandwidth constraints.

With ManageSoft, DFAT is able to reach even remote sites which have very limited IT resources but where staff rely heavily on having computers equipped with the latest software to perform their jobs efficiently.

The ManageSoft solution has also enabled DFAT to implement and maintain better IT process control. ManageSoft provides embedded process management features based on industry best practice guidelines using the IT Infrastructure Library (ITIL).

Another appealing feature of ManageSoft was the ability to self-heal all installed software. ManageSoft can automatically detect when software is not in the desired state and automatically repair the problem. This significantly improves IT service levels and frees up administrators to focus on other issues. It also dramatically improves software reliability for remote offices without local IT support staff.

“Keeping in mind all of DFAT’s objectives, we have been able to provide IT administrators in Canberra with powerful web-based reporting on the status and location of software and hardware assets globally,” said Walter Elliott, ManageSoft CEO.

“This real-time web-based reporting gives DFAT’s IT administrators a big picture outlook and allows them to more effectively track software and hardware resources across the organization. DFAT can also monitor licence compliance and relocate available licences as and where needed. This also makes them more informed when going into future licence negotiations with software vendors.”

ManageSoft was implemented in the first 30 DFAT sites by Christmas 2002 and continues to be rolled out across other offices around the globe.



The Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade (DFAT) is responsible for advancing the interests of Australia and Australians internationally. The department employs more than 3,500 people in Australia and overseas, with offices across Australia and a network of over 80 overseas posts, including Australian embassies, high commissions, consulates-general and consulates worldwide. For more information on DFAT see


ManageSoft delivers a powerful automated software configuration management solution for large organisations. ManageSoft cuts corporate IT costs through best-practice management of software assets (based on ITIL/MOF standards), and delivers competitive advantage with centralised control of software deployment, license management, IT asset tracking, and Windows deployment for fixed and mobile computers around the globe. ManageSoft Corporation is a Microsoft Gold Certified Partner, an HP OpenView Solution Partner, and a global partner of Siemens Business Services. Founded in 1990, ManageSoft has offices in North and South America, Europe, and Asia Pacific, with corporate customers including DaimlerChrysler, Abbey National Bank, Guiness Diageo, T Mobile, Penton Media, Siemens, and ANZ Bank. For more information on ManageSoft see