ManageSoft IT Business Intelligence provides CIOs with immediate answers to make faster business decisions on IT strategy and cost savings.

ManageSoft Corporation, a world leader in software configuration management solutions, today unveiled a new business intelligence solution designed specifically for chief information officers (CIOÂ’s) and senior IT management. ManageSoft IT Business Intelligence 6.6 is a new product that extends ManageSoftÂ’s software configuration management suite by automating the analysis of the usage and costs of software and hardware assets and providing intelligent information on how to proactively reduce IT costs and optimize investments.

ManageSoft IT Business Intelligence uses online analytical processing (OLAP), a powerful multi-dimensional data analysis process, to aggregate, analyze and report on data about computer hardware inventory, operating systems in use, installed memory, and software license utilization. ManageSoft IT Business Intelligence provides senior IT management with readily-available information needed to meet the business management challenges of reducing IT costs, creating budget forecasts, meeting IT service levels, and negotiating hardware leases or software license purchases.

“CIO’s are challenged every day by CEO’s and CFO’s to contain IT costs and maximize all IT assets,” said Walter Elliot, CEO of ManageSoft. “This has driven a large demand for IT asset management solutions and has fueled tremendous growth of our business. This new solution takes IT asset tracking and reporting to the next level by giving CIO’s the ability make decisions about an enterprise’s IT assets at a business and financial level, in order to work with CEO’s and CFO’s to plan strategic IT investments.”

Gartner reports that as much as twenty percent of software licensing and hardware maintenance charges are incurred for assets no longer in use. Gartner also predicts that enterprises that implement software usage tools will yield savings of five percent in the first year. ManageSoft provides such a solution, giving enterprises the ability to manage and ensure full utilization of IT assets. ManageSoftÂ’s configuration management software suite provides the fastest, most reliable way to automatically deploy, update, track and manage software and hardware assets. ManageSoft IT Business Intelligence adds to this with pre-configured and customized reports for automatic and immediate answers to common IT management questions, such as:

-- How much will it cost worldwide to upgrade hardware to meet the requirements of the new software application?

-- How many software licenses does a company need to purchase based upon current usage trends?

-- Which systems need to be upgraded to Windows XP?

-- Which laptops, memory cards or devices are missing?

This automatic trend and cost analysis about a companyÂ’s computer systems, users and organizational units enables CIOÂ’s to proactively manage IT assets, reduce management workloads and slash IT costs.

ManageSoft IT Business Intelligence:

-- Enables senior IT management to easily and selectively extract data about software licensing, IT asset inventory and budgets and analyze that data from different points-of-view;

-- Provides touch-of-a-button analysis of hardware inventory, operating systems in use, installed memory, software usage, license analysis, cost analysis, configuration changes and more;

-- Eliminates the need to manually build reports using structured query language (SQL) by providing wizard-driven custom report builders to provide rapid trend analysis, cost analysis and graphical charts;

-- Exports data easily to Microsoft Excel and other common management tools and allows reports to be sent easily to colleagues by e-mail; and

-- Allows IT management to analyze information on sites, organizational units, users and computers without modifying Active Directory schema.

ManageSoft IT Business Intelligence requires ManageSoft 6.6, the companyÂ’s leading software configuration management suite. The system provides reliable and scalable software deployment, IT asset tracking, license management, mobile and remote management, and web-based reporting to track the status and location of software assets from acquisition, through software deployment, updating and eventual decommissioning. ManageSoft transforms desktops, servers and mobile devices into self-managing smart devices that automatically adapt and self-heal in accordance with policies centrally defined by IT.

ManageSoft IT Business Intelligence is available immediately.