ManageSoft Corporation, a leader in corporate software management solutions, released major enhancements to its software management suite today. ManageSoft 6.5, ManageSoft for Windows Migration 1.1, and the ManageSoft 6.5 Connector for HP OpenView Service Desk enable streamlined IT support, improved IT service delivery, and reduced IT costs for medium to large organizations.


ManageSoft CorpÂ’s latest product release is ManageSoft 6.5, a scalable software and configuration management solution for organizations with anywhere from hundreds to hundreds of thousands of computers. ManageSoft 6.5 enables central IT administrators to automatically distribute, install, update, and manage software on desktops, servers, and mobile computers throughout an organization.

With ManageSoft 6.5, IT administrators can simply specify which groups of users and computers should receive what software, and when that policy should be applied. Managed desktops, laptops and servers automatically download and install any differences required to comply with the centrally defined software policy — without requiring human intervention. This set-and-forget policy-based approach and client-centric architecture provide highly reliable automated software deployment, asset discovery, inventory reporting, software license management, and self-healing of corrupted software installations.

“Software configuration management solutions that provide policy-based automation of software management processes on desktops, laptops, and servers throughout an organization can deliver considerable IT savings that are not possible with labor-intensive task-based systems,” commented Ronni Colville, Research Director at IT analyst group Gartner.

ManageSoft 6.5 can also uninstall software applications that are no longer required. Managed devices detect when an application is removed from a centrally defined software policy, and then automatically uninstall the relevant software at the specified date.

Significant enhancements in ManageSoft 6.5 include:

-- CENTRAL CONTROL, EVEN IN MULTI-DOMAIN AD ENVIRONMENTS. ManageSoft is the only configuration management product that plugs directly into Active Directory Group Policy Objects, which reduces management time by providing a single administrator interface for all desktop configuration changes. ManageSoft 6.5 also significantly reduces management costs by providing central control even in multi-domain Active Directory environments. The product is also unique in providing scheduled Group Policy implementation — enabling controlled change management and best-practice ITIL release management processes by delaying automatic implementation of Group Policy changes until a time scheduled to suit business requirements.

-- POLICY-BASED WAKE ON LAN, EVEN ACROSS A WAN. ManageSoft 6.5 is unique in enabling policy-based Wake on LAN. This takes extension of Active Directory to yet another level by adding Wake on LAN support to Active Directory Group Policy, Organizational Units, and individual machines. IT administrators will now be able to schedule Wake on LAN to occur after hours for large-scale machine policy distributions, for inventory purposes, and to use this feature for other Group Policy-based administrative tasks. Scheduled implementation overnight allows businesses to avoid any negative impact on end-user productivity during business hours. ManageSoft also provides Wake on LAN capability across a WAN with administration of an entire enterprise from a single console, even if the enterprise is spread across hundreds of sites.

-- SOFTWARE METERING AND USAGE TRACKING — ManageSoft has long provided a comprehensive software license management solution, with easy allocation and reallocation of available licenses across multiple organizational units (defined in Active Directory). The ManageSoft 6.5 release extends existing compliance tracking and software inventory capabilities, to now also provide software metering and usage tracking. This enables IT administrators to not only track what software is installed where, but also to monitor when that software is being used and by whom. Accurate usage data offers significant business benefits for large organizations by enabling more efficient allocation of available licenses, application productivity analysis, and easy recapture and reallocation of unused and poorly utilized software licenses.

A unique client-centric architecture enables rapid cost-effective initial implementation of ManageSoft and self-optimizing scalability. ManageSoft 6.5 uses an organizationÂ’s existing file shares and web-servers as software distribution servers to provide reliable and scalable software distribution across any network.

Unlike tools that make LAN-based assumptions and treat mobile/remote systems as an afterthought, ManageSoft 6.5 excels on LAN, WAN, VPN, dial-in, satellite links, and the Internet. Powerful bandwidth management features, checkpoint restart of interrupted downloads, byte-level differencing, drizzle distribution to remote sites and clients, and automatic detection of the closest available distribution server combine to provide unequalled support for remote offices and mobile laptop users.


ManageSoft 6.5 also provides seamless integration with HP OpenView service management infrastructure with the ManageSoft 6.5 Connector for HP OpenView Service Desk. As an HP OpenView Solution Alliance Partner, ManageSoft adds a powerful software configuration management solution to the HP OpenView portfolio. ManageSoft Corp and HP work together worldwide on integration, marketing and co-selling of ManageSoft and HP OpenView Service Desk to provide an IT Infrastructure Library (ITIL) closed-loop service management solution. Together, ManageSoft and HP OpenView Service Desk provide a unique and compelling solution that delivers improved IT service levels and significant cost savings for medium to large enterprises.


ManageSoft Corp has also updated its Windows migration solution with the release of ManageSoft for Windows Migration 1.1. ManageSoft for Windows Migration provides fast and reliable migration to Windows 2000 or Windows XP and delivers ongoing desktop management savings long after the initial migration. This latest release now includes support for English, German, Spanish, and Portuguese Windows platforms to meet growing customer demand for ManageSoft solutions in Latin America and Europe.

“These new ManageSoft product releases will provide real value for our blue-chip customer base in North America, Europe and Australia. The enhanced software configuration management capabilities will also generate added momentum as we expand aggressively in new markets in Europe, Latin America and Asia,” said ManageSoft CEO Walter Elliot.


ManageSoft delivers a powerful automated software configuration management solution for large organizations. ManageSoft cuts corporate IT costs through best-practice management of software assets (based on ITIL/MOF standards), and delivers competitive advantage with centralized control of software deployment, license management, IT asset tracking, and Windows migration, for fixed and mobile computers around the globe. ManageSoft Corporation is a Microsoft Gold Certified Partner, an HP OpenView Solution Alliance Partner, and a global partner of Siemens Business Services. Founded in 1990, ManageSoft has offices across North and South America, Europe and Australia, with corporate customers including Merrill Lynch, ANZ Bank, Siemens, Texas Instruments, Dresdner Bank, Wells Fargo, and World Bank. For more information on ManageSoft see