ManageSoft Corporation, a world leader in software configuration management solutions, has secured a significant deal to provide consulting and release management software for computers throughout Parliament House in Canberra, Australia.

The deal will see the Department of the Parliamentary Reporting Staff (DPRS) use ManageSoft in conjunction with HP OpenView Service Desk to provide a closed-loop enterprise management solution, built around IT Infrastructure Library (ITIL) best practices. This fully integrated solution will enable DPRS to automatically deploy, update, repair, track, support and manage software on desktops, servers and mobile devices throughout the national parliament.

ManageSoft Corporation was recently selected by HP as a worldwide HP OpenView Solution Alliance Partner. The joint ManageSoft/HP OpenView IT management solution for configuration, change and release management is one component of the DPRS project known as OneOffice — a $10 million major upgrading of DPRS' IT infrastructure. The ManageSoft solution will be rolled out over a 12 month period across 3,500 personal computers and laptops throughout the national Parliament, including Electorate Offices.

DPRS is the communications hub of Australia's national Parliament providing IT services and facilities to Australia's 226 Senators and Members and their staff. Some of the services offered by DPRS include television and radio broadcasting, transcripts, central computing facilities and services and telecommunications.

John Hardin, OneOffice Project Manager at DPRS says the enterprise management solution will create a robust, flexible and secure IT infrastructure.

"Our users are diverse and very mobile, moving constantly between Parliament House and their Electorate Offices. They need access to their computing resources wherever they are, which means we have to be able to control and manage the software and hardware environment very carefully," said Mr. Hardin. "ManageSoft gives us powerful mobile and remote systems management capabilities, and enables ITIL best-practice software release management."

The ManageSoft solution gives DPRS the capability to maintain software more efficiently across all of the organization's business-critical applications including email and productivity software. DPRS will also be able to better manage its mobile resources and track change activity across devices.

Using the worldwide technology standard ITIL as a framework, ManageSoft and HP OpenView will enable best practice IT processes throughout the organization. This closed-loop IT enterprise management approach will give DPRS a complete view of its 'live' IT environment, provide efficient tracking of IT incidents, and enable IT administrators to rapidly address problem and change management requirements. This will ultimately allow the organization to streamline its IT service delivery and significantly reduce IT costs.

"DPRS has the task of serving the pressing needs of Australia's parliamentary members," said Walter Elliot, ManageSoft CEO. "ManageSoft will enable DPRS to ensure the right people have immediate access to the right software at the right time. Users can also look forward to better productivity through reduced downtime."

Despite being in the early stages of the ManageSoft implementation, Mr. Hardin has already noticed differences in DPRS' change and release management processes.

"The quality of our change management workflow process has improved communication substantially since we adopted an ITIL enterprise management approach. The more efficient approach to ITIL change and release management that ManageSoft and HP OpenView enables also means we do far fewer roll backs in release management — which will save us time and money," commented Mr. Hardin.


ManageSoft delivers a powerful automated software configuration management solution for large organisations. ManageSoft cuts corporate IT costs through best-practice management of software assets (based on ITIL/MOF standards), and delivers competitive advantage with centralized control of software deployment, license management, IT asset tracking, and Windows migration for fixed and mobile computers around the globe. ManageSoft Corporation is a Microsoft Gold Certified Partner, an HP OpenView Solution Partner, and a global partner of Siemens Business Services. Founded in 1990, ManageSoft has offices in Australia, North and South America, and Europe, with corporate customers including Merrill Lynch, ANZ Bank, Dresdner Bank, Siemens, Texas Instruments, Wells Fargo, and the World Bank. For more information on ManageSoft see .


The Department of the Parliamentary Reporting Staff is the communications hub of Australia's national Parliament, providing services and facilities which enable Senators and Members of the House of Representatives to communicate with each other, with their constituents and with the community. It makes the parliament available to the Australian people and to the world. The primary services the department provides include television and radio broadcasting, Hansard transcripts, central computing facilities and services and telecommunications. Innovative merging of new and existing technologies has resulted in more sophisticated services like world wide computer access to parliamentary information and the broadcasting of parliamentary proceedings live on the Internet. For more information on DPRS see