You did a Manage install and it installed successfully on the Target PC but the K1000 shows it failed ?

You could see the following :

And when you look at the machines inventory page you see.

But if you look  under Software > Installed Programs you see your software. (machines inventory page)


And when you look at the target PC's add\remove programs the software is installed .

The Issue :

This is caused by the Software pkg being uploaded to a Software Item that is manually created (see example) and the Title does not match the Title of the software exactly.

Another issue you may see is when the Title does match it will create a second software id (see example)

Note:  in this example the software will actually show it installed successfully under the Manage Install.



How can you fix this ? 

Best practice is to install your software pkg on a machine manually then go to the machines inventory page on the K1000 and force a check-in and wait for the check-in to complete.

  • Now on the machines inventory page go to Software and expand it to show installed programs  > find the newly installed software and click on it.
  • This will open up to the software details page "note there are no editable fields" (see example)


This is the Software item you will associate  with your software pkg  ,  this will ensure that when the software installs it connects back to agent created software ID

Now you need to go to the Manage install and re-associate the Software to the Manage install.

 If you unsure which Software item to choose go back to the machines inventory page and put your mouse pointer over the Software item link and at the bottom of the browser you will see "Software.php?ID=XXXX " (see example below)  make note of the ID this is the software ID you should select when associating it to the Manage install .


Hope that helps everyone.